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Weve eaten at the restaurant many times and ordered once or twice, the food is always awesome. Recently we got extra good customer service on the delivery. We ordered mushu pork and when I unpacked the order, the pancakes were missing. It was pouring rain out, I didnt want to make them come back and I figured we could do without, so we didnt call to complain. 10 minutes later, there was a knock on our door and another delivery guy from Beijing handed us a bag of pancakes with profuse apologies. Super nice people and great food.


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Please remember, this restaurant excels at cooking mainland Chinese cuisine, not Cantonese (chow mein, lemon chicken, etc). If you want Beijing-style food, this is the place you want to order from. I highly recommend the spicy cumin beef, mapo tofu (well, not Northern Chinese cuisine, but Sichuan), or the sweet and sour pork. If you dine in, their hot pot is awesome and affordable (very different from Shabu shabu).


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The food came quicker than expected despite it being a Sunday night. The food was still hot and every thing delicious! Didn't expect to eat it all as it was a lot of food but we did anyway! The order process was very simple. The food was perfect and satisfying, the wings were a favorite and the cashew chicken was a great healthy option!


Top Reviewer
Fried prawns in their shells with heads on. I know some people love them this way, but its a deal-breaker for me.

The fried chicken wings were perfectly crispy & delicious, and they were still hot when delivered.

I will order from here again, just not the prawns.


4 reviews
Different and delicious. Tried three types of meat-and-bread, all tasty and distinct. The cucumber salad was also excellent, with large chunks marinated in a unique-to-me vinegar sauce. Also enjoyed the three-flavor flour ball.

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1 review
Beijing restaurant is fantastic. The dumplings and meat pancakes are perfect, event when delivered. I also like the fried rice and mu shu, but the Beijing selections are great too such as cumin beef. Recommended!


2 reviews
Great menu selection, their vegetable fried rice is so fresh and fluffy and doesn't taste greasy at all. Glad to see them on Seamless!


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Extremely prompt service, and the food is fresh and flavorful. The mu shu is some of the best I've had. Highly recommended.


1 review
Terrific food from wonderful team


3 reviews
Love the food & service

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